Bay View Jazz Fest 5

Jamie Breiwick Avatar

The BAY VIEW JAZZ FEST will feature multiple jazz groups during the night of the spring BAY VIEW GALLERY NIGHT. The festival will provide an opportunity for Milwaukee’s finest jazz artists to be showcased in front of the community at large. BVJF offers the general public the opportunity to experience the best of today’s new live jazz and experimental music in club venue settings. Bay View provides for an ideal festival experience, presenting groups performing all night at seven of the neighborhood’s esteemed venues within close proximity of each other. On this night the BVJF will continue to redeem the rich jazz heritage of Milwaukee.

The BAY VIEW JAZZ FEST features curatorial input from Milwaukee Jazz Vision. In line with the mission of BJVF, MJV continues to invigorate Milwaukee’s jazz scene by promoting and supporting the city’s jazz artists, all the while bringing an increasingly growing audience to the music.



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