Jazz Treasures
Jeff Bentoff, Milwaukee Sentinel, February 10, 1989

An Improvised World: Jazz and Community in Milwaukee, 1950-1970
Benjamin Barbera, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, August 2012

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Remembering “The Dark Side” and Ron Cuzner, Published March 27, 2014
Jazz pianist Mark Davis educates in class and on stage, Published March 6, 2014
Gardner devoted to Milwaukee’s music scene, Published Jan. 19, 2014
Milwaukee talks: Jazz violinist Sonya Robinson, Published Nov. 29, 2013
Local jazz singer Grillo prepares for a change in tempo, Published Nov. 20, 2013
Breiwick’s “Spirits” conjures a broad blend of composers, Published May 2, 2013
Milwaukee jazz ensemble to compete in NYC, Published Jan. 25, 2013
Trumpeter Neufeld brings his quartet home for a gig, Published Jan. 2, 2013
Breiwick’s Monk tribute is a sort of happy accident, Published May 14, 2012
Tosa jazz ensemble launches CD at Engl’s swan song, Published March 19, 2012
Caroline’s provides jazz, blues, diversity, Published Feb. 29, 2012
“Serenity” adds new sound to Milwaukee’s lively jazz scene, Pub. Jan. 1, 2012
Choir Fight punches at the walls of jazz, Published Nov. 15, 2011
Mortellano is the man behind Angelo’s, Published Sept. 24, 2011
Bailey’s 1983 Woodland Pattern concert out on CD, Published Sept. 13, 2011
The Jazz Gallery is back!, Published July 11, 2011
Hanrahan’s new disc travels between live and studio, Published April 24, 2011
20 years of Clamnation — a cause for celebration, Published Oct. 22, 2010
“Infinite Stairways” is jazz guitarist Peplin’s debut as leader, Published May 8, 2010
Grassel-Jensen duo’s CD debut taped at brunch gig, Published March 18, 2010
Jazz legend Dorsey turns 96 this weekend, Published Jan. 8, 2010
Jazzman Germanson talks “Off the Cuff”, Published June 3, 2009
Chance meeting grows into new Grassel CD, Published Sept. 20, 2009
Rivers promises a grand time at The Baby Grand, Published Dec. 5, 2008
Caroline’s Jazz Club an intimate music hideaway, Published Feb. 10, 2008
Grassel gives “Compulsion” another chance, Published April 26, 2007
Where does the road lead for jazz?, Published March 29, 2007
Willette was a fast-burning flame in Milwaukee jazz, Published Feb. 13, 2007
Lynch nabs Grammy, Published Feb. 12, 2007
Milwaukee Talks: jazz trumpeter Brian Lynch, Published Aug. 14, 2006
Lynch returns for HornFest, Published Nov. 15, 2006
Bassist Tarantino remains devoted to jazz, Published Aug. 10, 2006
Award-winning jazz singer Sutton returns home, Published Jan. 16, 2006
Grassel’s first live CD captures superax duo, Published Oct. 5, 2005
Pritchett’s fretwork made lasting mark in Milwaukee, Published Dec. 8, 2004
Jazz clubs upped old Milwaukee’s hipster quotient, Published Nov. 8, 2004
Jazz man Somlai takes chances on new disc, Published Oct. 12, 2004
Fudge keeps jazz tradition alive, Published Nov. 17, 2003
Dorsey, a local living jazz legend, finally debuts on disc, Published Aug. 22, 2003
Guitarist Grassel keeps on doing his own thing, Published July 18, 2003

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